Global citizenship

One of the main HP’s Corporative objectives  is Global Citizenship. This means that HP always tried to be a valuable asset for the society in which they do business. HP created a council, Global Citizenship Council helps which ensures commitment and alignment to HP’s global citizenship objectives companywide. Global citizenship is rooted in values that have successfully guided our company for more than 70 years. It spans everything from ethics, human rights, and environmental sustainability to privacy, responsible supply chain management, and social innovation. Today the world faces serious challenges—such as responsibly meeting the needs of a fast-growing population, addressing the effects of climate change, and advancing global health solutions. No single entity can meet these challenges alone. Governments, nongovernmental organizations, and companies all have an essential role to play. In this respect HP launched some campaigns that sustain the environment. In one of this campaigns, Recycling with HP, if you pack  your old product for shipping, you’ll receive a voucher of $150  which you can use to buy a new printer. HP will recycle your returned products, minimizing the impact on the environment through HP-approved recycling facilities. HP ensures that returned products are recycled in an environmentally friendly way, processing them to recover valuable plastics and metals for new products and diverting millions of tons of waste from landfills.

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HP first printer vs. the latest version of HP printer

I thought that I would be interesting to make a comparison between the first printer that HP created and their latest version of printers because the name of the company is associated with printers almost all the time . So, I would like to begin by presenting HP LaserJet which was  the first desktop laser printer, introduced in 1984 at about $3,500. Nothing like it existed previously, and it created a totally new printer market—similar to what the HP-35 handheld calculator had done 12 years earlier. In 2000, HP was already celebrating the shipment of the 50 millionth LaserJet printer.

In 1980s HP realised that this field, of printers, was wide open for product innovations because owners of desktop computers wanted easy and direct access to their printers and Other manufacturers were producing two types of impact printers—dot-matrix or daisy-wheel units, both of which were noisy and needed a lot of improvements. So HP’s knowledge of inkjet technology and  laser printer technology led to the introduction of the first LaserJet in March 1984.. It had high print quality, could print horizontally or vertically in a variety of character fonts and could produce graphics. The printer employed a disposable print cartridge capable of printing about 3,000 pages, and the print speed was 8 pages per minute.

Nowadays, the latest version of HP printer, LaserJet Pro 100 color MFP M175, which was released in 2011 at about $299(a huge difference of price, isn’t it?), is able to achieve great results – pre-configured shorcuts optimize output quality based on the media selected, also it has a easilyadjust spot colors and apply the throughout a document with basic color-match settings. You can print from any device, and get quick and easy setup. Also it has some  intereseting other features that make a balance between quality and price.

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Specter One by HP

Today I want to talk a little bit about a new product made by HP, Specter One. It’ s the first all-in-one in the company’s Spectre line, a premium line, which means to us quality and high-tech. It had been released in early midnovember 2012 for 1300 $. We talk about a Windows 8 desktop lineup, leading off with 23.6-inch and 11.5 millimeters thick — HP’s thinnest all-in-one to date. The desktop also lacks a touchscreen, but this is beacause of the size. It would have been a little bit uncomfortable to use touchscreen on a 23.6 inch desktop. So, HP’s engineers replaced the touchscreen with a trackpad and you’ll still be able to get your multitouch-gesture fix. The touchpad is light, comfortable and baked into the same silver shell as the desktop. More importantly, it works: it tracked Windows 8’s multitouch gestures accurately, and was large enough to offer plenty of travel distance for our large paws.

I should also mention that Specter One uses NFC technology. A NFC chip is built into the Spectre One’s base. Once a few bundled apps are configured, tap an NFC-equipped phone to the base and you’ll be able to log in to Windows 8 automatically, or stream music and video with a tap.

In spite of it’s thinnest design, The Spectre One  is powered by Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs and carry a 1GB Nvidia graphics card. Also it has two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI-in jack, and the requisite Gigabit ethernet port accompanied by 802.11n Wi-Fi.

I also posted a video in which Kevin Wentzel, the Technical Marketing Manager for HP Consumer PCs, presents the Windows 8  all-in-one

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What we do at HP?

If so far I talked more about the history of HP, now, I would present  the products and services that HP offers.

On one hand, HP is wideworld known for hardware products, printing and digital imaging, personal computers, mobile products Skip mobile products link grouplike handhelds, palmtops, notebook PCs. Also HP offers Hardware Support services; although computer hardware is more reliable than ever, failures do occur and they can be painful—to customers,  employees,to your business in general. Hardware Support services can include proactive monitoring to spot problems early—even before downtime occurs—and restore service quickly. In general hardware support provides repair or replacement of faulty components if a hardware product fails.  But Hardware Support services are not just about fixing the hardware when it fails. The best hardware support proactively monitors computers to detect problems as soon as they occur, maybe even before users are affected. Continue reading

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Big changes at HP?

Megan Withman,  the president and chief executive officer of Hewlett Packard, presents in this video interview some of the changes that HP prepare to make in terms of strategies. She says that the company will lay out its customer-focused growth and investment strategies for each of its major businesses, and make the case that its whole is more than the sum of the parts. That is an important message, when the stock is so low that some analysts are looking at the breakup value of the company.

She talks about challenges in HP’s core printing, PC and services businesses. The fast-growing areas she talks about, including networking, high-end storage and software, are areas where HP is a relatively new challenger, not an incumbent. She seems to focus on what motivates a customer, while her  predecessor Mark Hurd was extremely focused on what motivates a sales representative.

We have to wait to see what strategy HP will adopt further because they announced in summer, 2011, that they would give up the PC business. It seems that HP is following in the footsteps of IBM and shifts its attentions on enterprise applications and value added services, which will enable the company to have a more differentiated market approach.

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The power of technology

This video shows the resilience of the company at fast changes. The present technology is constantly changing and so HP’s products

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Who is HP?

Hewlett Packard is a technology company unlike any other. HP products and services are used by millions of people every day. If I should briefly describe HP, I would say that Hewlett Packard  represents power and innovation. Continue reading

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A perfect word to describe the company Hewlett Packard

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